New Zealand’s only dedicated walking magazine.

Walking New Zealand Magazine is dedicated to the many walking trails available in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

It all started in the late 1990s. Frank Goldingham, a passionate walker, rued the fact there were no walking magazines in New Zealand. There were running, cycling and hiking magazines, but nothing in between.

At around the same time, the US Surgeon General advocated that we all need to do 10,000 steps a day to keep active. Also, The Ministry of Sport introduced a wonderful initiative called the Green Prescription, which encourages doctors (when appropriate) to prescribe exercise rather than medication to their patients.

So, it was these things that led to the first edition of Walking New Zealand. Now, at the time of writing, we are preparing to publish our 249th issue!

Everything walkers need to know

Walking New Zealand caters to walking enthusiasts in their 30s through to retirement age. We define “walking” as day walks, rather than more arduous multi-day outings, which we call “hikes.”

Every issue contains information to help you plan your next adventure:

  • detailed profiles of New Zealand & overseas walks (as well as cycling tracks)
  • dates for upcoming events
  • High Achievers (a section with inspirational stories about people who have achieved their fitness goals)
  • a directory for walking groups
  • a photo competition (to win a 6-month subscription)
  • Country Breaks (a section profiling two- & three-day walks & accommodation).

Nationwide coverage

Walking New Zealand is published monthly, 12 times a year. Every month, we post over 1500 copies, and you can purchase the magazine at newsagents nationwide. Walking New Zealand is also available for free in doctors’ waiting rooms, at Auckland Airport’s Emperor Lounge and at Qantas lounges at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports.

Read online

These days, more people read online. So, if you prefer a PC or tablet over paper, you can read Walking New Zealand through this website for $2.50 Also, back issues can be viewed on ISSUU free.

If you are a walking enthusiast, don’t miss out on New Zealand’s only dedicated walking magazine.


Subjects covered in Walking New Zealand magazine


Discover how to start a walking programme for improved health and fitness that suits your daily routine. Learn how to maintain and develop your new programme up to half marathon or marathon level, if that’s your goal.


To enjoy an active lifestyle, your body needs fuel. So, we take advice from experts in nutrition and share it with you!


Our goal is to help you make informed decisions in relation to your health. So, we ask the professionals — podiatrists, physiotherapists, dermatologists, naturopaths and chiropractors, etc. — about your concerns and publish articles filled with advice. We also share new developments in personal care and, to spark your inspiration, personal success stories.

Walking groups

A huge part of the walking lifestyle is friendship and community. So, if you’re away on business or a newcomer to an area, we make meeting likeminded people easy with a directory for walking groups in New Zealand.

Walking trails & tracks

New Zealand is blessed with scenic walkways — even in the cities. Perhaps there are some in your city you don’t know about? At Walking New Zealand, we discover short and longer walkways and map them out for you for you and your friends to enjoy. We also highlight accommodation and overseas walks.

Upcoming events

We keep you up to date with both fun and competitive walks in your area. We cover both national and international walking events, and our correspondents provide interesting and informative articles to motivate and inspire you.


We’re very good at motivation. We challenge you to read our monthly walking publication and put on your walking shoes! Take back your life and get active! Subscribe to Walking New Zealand and be inspired to live a more active lifestyle.

New products

To maximise enjoyment and comfort, it’s important to have suitable gear. So, we feature the latest products available for walkers, including walking shoes and socks, clothing pedometer and activity trackers.

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