Auckland with a view




By Sue Hall

Paperback / softback, 144 pages

Urban Auckland, larger in area than London, sprawls over a low-lying isthmus whose curvaceous coastline is blessed with dozens of headlands, high volcanic cones and folded mountain ridges. This roller-coaster terrain offers countless viewpoints from the inner city out and from the outer city in – over waterways and suburbia, countryside and forest. Sue Hall’s book invites you to explore more than 50 of these viewpoints. While enjoying the spectacular scenery you can delve into the geography of the land beneath your feet, and read about the history of its origins and growth and the social changes that have developed with its people. The informative text is complemented by a selection of Sue?s sketches and photographs. Auckland with a View is a versatile handbook for all tastes, whether you want to “clear out the cobwebs” with a ten-minute stroll up a grassy knoll or spend the day on a leisurely beach picnic/ramble. As well as a guide to what (and how far) you can expect to see from each viewpoint, Sue’s book includes details on: how much walking is involved; vehicle access and parking;disabled access, local amenities and leisure facilities.

Published 1 February 2005